Sunday, August 17, 2014

Quest Chips #crunchclean


Today we have a review for the newest addition to the Quest store! And it is... the QUEST CHIPS!
We were really excited that Quest offered us some of their chips to taste, because they looked so good and... 

The point is that we were able to slip in a review for these chips. Continue reading to find out whether they were a winner or not. Happy reading!!

Cheddar & Sour Cream

I love when chips are flavored with sour cream and cheese. It just makes the chip come to life. :D Do get what I mean? 

I was really excited to try this flavor of the Quest Chips, not just because of how good they looked on the package, but also because I love flavor combinations! So when I tried them...

I was blown away by how good they were. I mean the texture was light and crispy like a really good chip that you buy from the store. The flavor was amazing! The dominant flavor was definitely the cheddar, whereas the sour cream was pretty subtle. 

I would buy this chip again and again and again without any hesitation. I was also thrilled that the first ingredient in this chip is protein. Not just are they amazing in taste, but they are sooo good for you! Quest just blows me away every time they come out with a new product. :)


This was the first flavor that I tried, and with the first bite I was super impressed. The chip was a chip. It has the texture, the flavor, the look, everything. Quest really did an awesome job creating these chips. 

What I loved about it especially was that the flavor wasn't too strong or to subtle, rather it was just right. :) Also the chips was crunchy, light, and full of protein! This was my second favorite chip, and I would definitely buy it again from Quest. 

If they could improve anything, it would most likely be the sodium. I think that it could've been a pinch saltier tasting, yet I understand that they most likely are trying to keep the sodium low. 

All in all, this chip was a hit. I wanted to eat mother bag after I finished the first. They're so addicting!

Sea Salt

This was the last flavor that I tried, and also my least favorite. 

Don't get me wrong, this chip would be great to eat with salsa, nachos, or with something else, but eating it by itself was rather disappointing. The chip was lacking salt and just flavor in general. The texture was the same as the other two, but the flavor wasn't right.
I was probably spoiled because I had just tried two of the best chips I've ever tasted, and then I tried a plain, sea salt flavored chip, but nevertheless I still was hoping for much more.

Next time I try it though, I'm definitely going to have some salsa nearby to eat it with, because I'm sure it would taste delectable like that!! :D  Anyway, I'd probably give it a 3 out of 5 stars. 

It wasn't bad, but it wasn't necessarily impressive either. I didn't crave it like I did the other two bags I tried. 

Sunday, August 10, 2014

GO GREEN - Discovering the Amazing Benefits of Green Foods

Why Green?

We hear a lot about "going green" in today's society; it involves a change of lifestyle that causes us to develop a eco-friendly life. But have you ever thought about "going green" in your diet - eating foods that are actually green? The types of food I am referring to are green vegetables and fruits. Foods such as avocados, kiwis, lettuce, asparagus, etc. Changing your diet to be focused on green foods not only can but will transform your overall health into something you only dreamed of. Green vegetables and fruits offer you only the best: a happy, healthy, and incredibly delicious diet.

But Green Food is Gross...

This lie has been fed to us from the moment we first toddled around on our little feet till this very day. We always knew we were expected to grimace at the prospect of a pile of spinach on our plates at dinner. And turn our noses up at the extremely unappetizing Brussels sprouts or broccoli. Doesn't everybody know that green vegetables are just plain gross? But I will happily be the first to say that you have been completely and utterly deceived. Yep, you fell for that one. Green vegetables are actually amazingly delicious. They are extremely flavorful, and there are so many ways to cook and eat them - starting at raw. So now, let's take a quick look at several different green vegetables and see just how amazing they really are.

Brussels Sprouts

Need to lower your cholesterol? You just might want to try eating some Brussels sprouts. They are known for their cholesterol-lowering elements, and for their rich vitamin content. They are rich in fiber, and aid in protection from cancer.


Ever wonder why some people are crazy about salad - who wants to eat leaves for lunch anyway? Lettuce has barely any calories (shout-out to all you calorie-counters out there); it's filled with antioxidants; and it helps keep your blood pressure at the right level. Did I mention that it tastes great with some other veggies and dressing along with it.


A vegetable from the cabbage family, kale is a great food if you're wanting to cut calories, because it's extremely low in them. It's also full of vitamin C and is known to help fight cancer. Another bonus is that it strengthens your bones, so cook some of this up tonight and enjoy a power-packed meal.


Full of nutrients and vitamins, Asparagus is an anti-aging vegetable. It aids in clearing the body of excessive salts, and it's rich in antioxidants. You'll see this one in the grocery store in the spring, so make sure to pick some up and enjoy this tasty veggie.


These fruits are full of fat! But don't worry, because it's the right kind of fat that helps keep your body healthy rather than pile on the pounds.
Avocados also aid in strengthening your eyes; plus, they are super silky and delicious. Don't need to do any persuading with this one.

One More Thing

If you are the type of person who is always on the go, and you don't have time to be cooking up some greens everyday, there is another alternative. You can make green shakes using one (or both) of these amazing products designed specifically to give you the greens you need without actually having to break out the knife and cutting board. Green Gold and King of Greens are powders that you just mix into your shake. They are filled with greens, and you don't have to worry, because they taste great!


That's a Wrap!

So now you know that green foods are nothing to be afraid of, so don't wait till St. Patty's Day to indulge in this treat. No worries, it's one of the best things you can eat. So don't forget to 'eat your greens' today!

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Friday, August 8, 2014

Quest Bar Giveaway!


Today we have super exciting news! We're doing a giveaway! So let's get started...

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Quest Pasta

Hello there!

We're super excited today because we're back with our last Quest review! *tears fall*
It has been so amazing getting to review Quest's products and share them with you all :) Thank you everyone for continually stopping by for our posts, 'cause we love hearing your opinion and love your support.

So if you're ready to hear our thoughts about this product, then keep reading....

Quest Fettuccine Pasta



Olive Oil

Bell Pepper


To get your pasta ready for cooking, you need to begin by rinsing it off for a few minutes and then flash boil for about three. 

WARNING: the past has a fishy/sea smell. Don't worry about it, because it doesn't effect the taste at all.

 Now that your pasta has been flash boiled, begin by chopping a few cloves of garlic and then adding it to your pan with olive oil. Let it cook lightly, and then dice a pepper and an onion and add that also.

Now all you have to do is pour your veggies on top of your pasta, and then eat and enjoy! I topped it with some sliced almonds, but that is completely optional :)

Here's a picture of the pasta served on a plate and ready for eating!

Thank you for stopping by! Have an amazing day, and keep shining for HIM :)


Thursday, August 7, 2014

The Benefits of Antioxidants

Hello there!

Today we're providing you with an article all about antioxidants! We hope and pray that this article would benefit you in numerous ways so that you can achieve optimal health today :) Happy reading...

Antioxidants protect the skin by limiting the production of free radicals, which can damage skin cells. Not only do they protect our skin cells, but they also have the miraculous ability to prevent cancer and many more illnesses. Therefore, when our diet has a sufficient amount of vegetables and fruits, we are then able to receive the amazing benefits of antioxidants.

Fresh Kale- Courtesy of Free Stock Images
Studies show that one of the main causes for aging, disease, and below-normal health conditions is the fact that the cells in our body deteriorate because of oxidation. Basically what happens is that when oxygen (which is what we need for life) naturally makes contact with bad cells (free radicals) in our body, these cells start to deteriorate (oxidize). This is happening inside our bodies affecting everything from eyes to skin and organs. These damaged cells, free radicals, form a chain reaction that continues damaging other good cells that they come in contact with.

Blueberries- Courtesy of Free Stock Images

The body's natural response or remedy to this is to produce antioxidants to fight these bad cells (called "free radicals") that are degenerating or adversely affecting your health. But, with unhealthy diets and inadequate exercise, the production of antioxidants falls short.

"Antioxidants may lower your risk of developing a number of health conditions, including heart disease, cancer, diabetes, dementia and eye disease." LIVESTRONG

So when all is said and done, the question that is put before us now is how can we start making a change in our diet to receive amazing health benefits from antioxidants? 

If you are ready to start being blessed with healthy, glowing skin, fully functioning organs, and numerous benefits for your body, then consider trying one of our greatest products filled with Antioxidants: 

Power Purples Antioxidant Powder

"Restoring your health, rejuvenating your body, reclaiming your vitality and feeling young again can be possible through good physical conditioning and a healthy diet.
To give you an edge in optimal nutrition for achieving your dream lifestyle, you may want to consider the awesome nutritional benefits of Power Purples and Power Reds.
Our bodies are constantly facing challenges to maintain optimal health. Aging, unhealthy diets, poor exercise, and other stresses are changing our bodies daily. This affects how we feel and in the long run can lead to disease or ill health."